10% discount on car rental

Europcar, Europe's leading vehicle rental company offers up to 10% off car rentals for ISIC and ITIC cardholders. Reservations can be made either online through the dedicated website, or directly in a Europcar Rental Station. This benefit doesn't just apply for Australia though. If you're heading to Europe, a 15% discount on passenger car rentals applies in the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK. For all other countries worldwide where Europcar is represented, a 10% discount applies on rentals of passenger cars and light utility vehicle rentals.

How do I get this discount? Simply click on the link below and either make your reservation online or through a Europcar Rental Station.

Save with Europcar

For further information regarding Europcar, please visit their website.

Want to get this deal but don't have an ISIC or ITIC card? Applying for a card online is easy, just click on the link below.

Once your application is approved and processed (1-2 business days) your card will be posted directly to you, and can start using your virtual ISIC/IYTC/ITIC right away!

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