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The most exciting study tool since procrastination, the Scanmarker is here and proving popular for a reason!

With semester two exams slowly coming around the corner across Australian universities, the need for note-taking is going to become more and more important as those all important exams come closer and closer. With your text books saturated and drenched in fluro highlighting, isn't it time we moved to a more 21st century style of note-taking?
The Scanmarker Air is a Wireless Digital Highlighter that takes notes and creates summaries instantly, transferring them via Bluetooth to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The kind of technology we may have laughed off 10 years ago as audacious, it is here now and ready to be used!
With your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card, you can receive 15% off a Scanmarker Air. To find out more about this amazing offer, please click here.

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Scanmarker is an incredible time-saving and productivity tool that lets you accelerate the summarizing and typing process. Just slide it across any printed text ... and it instantly transfers the text into your computer, mobile, device App or cloud services.


Our mates over in London had a right laugh trying out the Scanmarker earlier this year. Check out their video below!

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