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Given the timing of our current #winwithisic competition giveaway, we thought it to be appropriate to turn our attention to Sudio, the Swedish company behind some of the world's best looking and best sounding earphones.

With every earphone in the range more difficult to pronounce than the last, thankfully purchasing (or perhaps winning too) a pair is much less daunting, especially with 15% off thanks to us! Whether you're out for a run in the sun, or a lie down in the shade, Sudio well and truly have everyone looked after.

Sudio 1200x300 v3


Your home is most likely furnished with a considerable amount of furniture from IKEA. The earphones will fit in perfectly!

'With an impeccable balance of instrumental tones and noise clarity, the music elements seamlessly knit together to create an unmatched listening experience'.
Our personal favourite, perhaps because we're giving two away as part of our #winwithisic giveaway, however we have tried these before and they are fabulous.

Sudio low res2

We can't guarantee you will look this gorgeous with a pair of Regents around your neck, however it will surely be an improvement!


A brand highly influenced by their Scandinavian roots, everything Sudio does embraces their Swedish heritage. Check out below some classic Swedish tunes from the past half-century.

Abba | SOS

John Lennon reportedly claimed this was a well-crafted pop song. A bass line to remember too!

The Hives | Hate To Say I Told You So

Renowned as one the best live bands in the world. These rockers know how to entertain a crowd.

Robyn | With Every Heartbeat

A member of the ISIC team has been in love with Robyn for years, and saw her on a flight to Stockholm a few years ago.

We love Sudio so much that we even made a video about them last year!

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