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Being environmentally conscious has been on our minds at ISIC a lot recently, especially with the launch of the virtual ISIC cards. It’s often not until you make a change that you realise the impact of what you are doing.

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In the past month alone we have swapped thousands of cards, plastic stickers, sheets of paper and envelopes for thousands of VIRTUAL cards that can be accessed on a smartphone that you probably already own and have in your pocket. The amount of ‘stuff’ saved is pretty incredible and make you realise when things are and aren’t really necessary. 

We realised that with a little forward planning we can all make some relatively simple and easy changes to help care for our environment and reduce, reuse and recycle.

For example:

  • do we need printed bank statements sent in the mail?
  • do we really need to buy the pre-packaged fruits and veggies from the store or are the loose ones ok?
  • do we need to get a bag from every store we visit or can we take our own?

With recycling week last week (Monday 13 to Sunday 19 November 2017) we decided we could all do a bit more to help the environment. So…the ISIC team based in Melbourne was challenged to each "up their recycling game" and make one positive change.  It turns out that most of our changes revolved around coffee(!), but let’s face it we are in Melbourne & we do LOVE our coffee. What are other small changes we can easily make? Let us know your thoughts!

Check out the teams’ efforts below...



Reusable shopping bag


Paper Recycling


Recycling Nespresso Pods


Reusable Coffee Cup


Reusing a cardboard box




A coffee cup for every day of the week


 More about the ISIC virtual card

The ISIC card is now available on mobile devices and students can physically prove their student status in two ways; via the plastic card and via their mobile device.

The ISIC virtual ID is a digital representation of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It is available through the ISIC global mobile platform, that is centrally managed by the ISIC Global Office. 

The ISIC virtual ID has been introduced to make student life more accessible and convenient. Mobile card technology and the rise of the digital wallet is becoming commonplace for many students around the world. ISIC can now be immersed into student’s everyday life through its mobile technology with the new ISIC virtual ID.  

To download the ISIC app and view your virtual card, click here.  

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