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While we know the ISIC app and our very own website are fantastic places to view our huge range of benefits, we have developed a brand new resource for you so that you'll be the first to know of every new ISIC benefit. Read on below to find out more!

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Do you find yourself liking our very own Facebook page, however only sporadically seeing our posts? Facebook's news feed algorithm letting you down? Scrolling through sponsored ads?
We feel your pain! In the absolute chaos that is your daily news feed, we felt it time to join in the fun of Facebook Groups. Within the mix of backpacker groups trying to share petrol costs up Australia's east-coast and Mums obsessing over every new K-Mart range, you will find ISIC discounts in Australia, yours truly very own spot for hearing first about every new ISIC benefit in Australia.

How do we want you to use this group? Well, you can use it as and when you like, however in a perfect world we would love it to become a space whereby one can share offers they have redeemed and enjoyed, plus other places where perhaps you didn't know your ISIC card could be used! As with many Facebook groups, we want to keep this a friendly environment, free from drama, bad language, spam and self-promotion.

Who can join the group? Absolutely everyone! Cardholder or not, Australian or not, you're free to join! We just want to know a few quick things like whether you currently have an ISIC, IYTC or ITIC card, where in the world you're living and whether you have the ISIC App yet. Too easy!

Sound good to you? Join here!

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