Students in Australia & New Zealand can now access over 2000 Frequent Values discounts with our new mobile platform | ISIC Australia

ISIC cardholders can enjoy local, interstate and international offers all year round!

Our partnership with Frequent Values opens the door to thousands of savings for any ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC cardholder. A division of the Entertainment™ Book, these guys are at experts at sourcing discounts for anyone and everyone. Included with your purchase of any of our cards, you can enjoy access to offers on everything from activities and dining all the way through to shopping and takeaway.

Our freshly updated website makes coming across fantastic savings so incredibly easy. Perfect when you're on the go, simply whip out your phone and Frequent Values will show what's around you and what you can save on. It's that easy!

Simply click below to view these discounts!

Frequent Values Offers

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