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A warm welcome to one of our latest benefit providers, BOING!

To launch one of our latest partnerships, we're shining the spotlight on BOING. With 25% off your online order, this is a brand on the rise and one you'll want to know more about. Keep reading to find out more about these beautiful climbing and sailing rope bracelets for both men and women! 

We asked Designer/Head of New Business Partnerships, Kate MacAngus a few questions to find out more.

Where does the name, BOING come from?

BOING is a playful word which represents the bouncing, active actions of our wearers. It is also reflective of our mountain goat mascot Billy. So many sports and activities which involve rope require movement, challenges, falls, and the need to bounce back. The word ‘BOING’ was chosen by one of our directors, inspired by the ropes he relied on for his safety in the many outdoor sports he did throughout the 90’s.

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How does it feel to 'live the dream' and make a living from being creative?

I really enjoy working for BOING. I’m really proud of the products we make, service we provide and the developments as a company we have made over the years. Everyone I work with is engaged and we have a lot of fun working together. We have lots of exciting designs on the horizon for BOING, and I love being a part of that. Creativity also comes in the form of marketing and engaging with customers through social media, finding new ways to introduce BOING to new customers and communicate to existing. We use the #boingupyourlife which enables customers to tag in their adventures or moments whilst wearing a BOING bracelet, which has generated an online community of wearers.


What inspires the designs? Current trends, previous eras, or perhaps something more personal?

BOING was set up in 2011 with the objective to design and make beautiful, strong, unfussy, tough and tactile bracelets for men, women and children. Since day 1, our unique bracelets have been designed and made by hand in the UK for anyone who loves the outdoors. Since, we have developed a range of clasps of solid Sterling 925 Silver with plating options of 18k Yellow Gold and Rose Gold, which adds a little bit of luxury to our classic design, ideal for gifts and special occasions.
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One of your bracelets is named 'Magic Mushroom'. Are psychedelics a reference point for your designs?

Not at all :) This particular bracelet has a creamy earthy tone similar to that of a mushroom, and the name is little bit cheeky and playful, and I suppose a talking point. It also uses alliteration so the name is quite memorable and fun to say. Interestingly this bracelet is one of our best sellers, I wonder if the name has something to do with it?

Visiting Uluru in the centre of Australia is often described as a spiritual experience. Did this ever come into the design behind the bracelet itself?

We try and use names which reflect the colours of the rope, and link them to the outdoors and landmarks around the world. The Uluru bracelet colours reflects the ‘Red Centre’ of Australia and the sandstone rock formations. Uluru is notable for appearing to change colour at different times of the day and year, most notably when it glows red at dawn and sunset, captured by the red, orange and black colours in the rope. In regard to myths and legends surrounding Uluru, it was said that Kuniya the woma python lived in the rocks at Uluru. Here she fought Liru the poisonous snake, and the rope used has a snake like quality to it.


What career were you in before BOING came into existence 5 years ago?

I had just embarked on a new teaching position at a secondary comprehensive, teaching Design Technology to ages 11-18. In this role I taught CAD & CAM, traditional making skills in wood, plastic and metal and Product Design. Two years ago, whilst teaching, I set up and ran my own jewellery company, here I furthered my CAD design skills and my business skills, which enabled me to make the career change and join the BOING team earlier this year.
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How do I wear the bracelet? Left or right hand? Is there a right or wrong?

There is no right or wrong way to wear our bracelets or anklets. Some customers prefer a tight fit and some prefer a loose. As we make to order, customers can put their exact size of their wrist into the gift message box, and our manufacturing team can make the bracelets to reflect their size. We are very relaxed here at BOING, and we try our best to accommodate our customer’s various needs.
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What is your favourite memory from being a student?

Oh there are so many!

One of my favourite memories was meeting one of my ultimate best friends, who now lives in Manly, Australia. We would have so much fun together, laughing till we cried, picking each other up when there were bumps in the road, and making sure both of us made our deadlines and didn’t give up on our degrees. She taught me a lot over the three years we studied and lived together, and I believe it was fate that we met.

The learning was also really enjoyable, and although being challenged at an academic level isn’t always plain sailing, it was a process and journey which defined me as an adult and professional, which I look back at fondly. 

The discounts obviously are so helpful, living on a budget and learning how to manage your money, is an important aspect of student life and becoming a young adult. So, cards like the ISIC are life savers when you want to have experiences, shop and be social but also be responsible with your money.

Like what you see? We thought you would. Find out more about our sweet as 25% off partnership with BOING here.


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