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Our very own Digital Marketing and Operations Assistant took a trip to Fiji last year with Awesome Adventures Fiji. Read on to see what he thought!

After years and years of overseas travel to Europe and the fallout of a planned road trip from Darwin to Broome, a split second decision resulted in the booking of a Pacific-bound holiday to Fiji. With minimal knowledge of the tropical nation who seemingly play host to political coups every now and then, my mate and I stumbled upon Awesome Adventures Fiji whose uncomplicated and very reasonable island hopping packages suited us to a tee. After liaising with the super friendly staff from Awesome Adventures, our 'Fiji Discovery' package was booked!

Day 1

Following what we mutually agree on as the most bizarre and unorganised flight we've ever flown, our arrival to Nadi was greeted with a scrumptious, to-die-for sunset. As we arrived late in the late afternoon, the folks from Awesome Adventures booked us into a chilled backpackers hotel for the night, before our departure the following morning from Denarau.

Days 2 & 3

The Yasawa Flyer is your brilliant transport up and down the gorgeous Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. A quick 45 minute ride from the mainland had us on Beachcomber Island (Fiji's party island). More or less a giant sandbar, the beach and it's turquoise water are well and truly outer-worldly. Our full-day on Beachcomber involved a day trip on board a glorious sailing boat to a local Fijian village for a Kava ceremony, however the absolute highlight was the visit to the island where Tom Hanks' classic, Castaway was filmed. A bold call from an Australian I know, however it still remains the most stunning beach I have ever had the pleasure of setting foot on.


Days 4 & 5

Another trip up north on the Yasawa Flyer took us to what we proclaim as the greatest resort we have experienced. Having stayed at 5 star-hotels in London, Venice and Ayers Rock, I certainly hadn't anticipated a resort on a pretty small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to ever come close to the quality we enjoyed first-hand. Octopus Resort with its audacious sand-floor restaurant, served up the most extraordinary three-course meals, complete with sorbet palate cleansers. The island hike might be the most strenuous activity you ever attempt, however boy is it worth it! Midnight outdoor showers capped off days spent in absolute paradise.


Days 6 & 7

Our third stop was the aptly-named Barefoot Manta Island. We're not sure where the 'Barefoot' comes from, however a personal shout-out must go out to the landscaper who has done a superb job in ensuring no shoes are needed here. My mate proclaimed Barefoot Manta as the best island for snorkelling and I would certainly take his word for it. An overdose of vitamin D (thanks to the Fijian sun) knocked me out for 6, however there are worse places to have to take a nap than our glamping tent.

Days 8 & 9

The fourth and final stop on our itinerary was Blue Lagoon. Perched high up in the Yasawa Islands, the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort, complete with its dream-like outdoor bathrooms and beautiful villas was an idyllic way to wrap up our island hopping. A fantastic feast, accompanied by an eclectic mix of backpackers, families and retirees created an interesting and memorable community vibe. Please however try and least muster up the courage to talk to those two beautiful Danish girls.


A few final words

I've told you all about the experience, however let me talk about the staff behind Awesome Adventures Fiji. Their hospitality is unrivaled. From the "Bula" greeting every time they see you to their smiles which ultimately rub off on you, they are truly stunning people. They organise everything for you. Food, accommodation, transfers, you don't have think about it. It's all done for you.
A trip to Fiji organised by Awesome Adventures will show you the country's best spots and make it so easy for you. I arrived home with my skin glowing and feeling on a natural high. There's something in the water...

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